Mindlikewater - Ash Angelic Re-Issue?

I have been thinking a lot about how amazing our little Mlw fan-base is. We have a small but very dedicated group of fans. All of which have followed us through our on-going musical metamorphosis. Thank you so much! Each record has reflected where we were as a band at the moment. I can tell you that I am very proud of our new music. (We are about done writing and recording for our 3rd full length for 2011 release.) I am equally proud of what we have released in the past. My personal fave being the "Ash Angelic" EP. I am considering re-issuing this in the near future. Maybe a short run of 50-100 cds? Is this something that people would be into buying online and at shows again? The album is of course available on iTunes, Amazon and Cd Baby for download. I just feel this release might not of got the attention it deserved as we broke up right after it's release. Reply to this blog to let us know if this is worthwhile to you. Feel free to drop us a line on our social nets in this regard as well. Take care.

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