CD Release, Update (Urgent)

So there is a lot happening in the world of Mindlikewater. We have finished our 3rd Full length and 5th official release. The album is called, Keep Humming Bird. The album will be available July 23rd at this show - Click Here. This will be the last time Mindlikewater will be playing for quite a while. I (Joe Beaty) am moving to New York with my wife the 1st week of August. I really hope to see everyone at this gig...say goodbyes...talk about the amazing times I have had here in Florida. There are so many. I also want to say that I am so very proud of Mindlikewater and our achievement with this new record (Keep Humming Bird). It is amazing. My favorite record by far. It was a true group effort and we are excited to release it at this special show. Come out and support the way you used to. Let's have a real show on July 23rd. I promise we won't disappoint. See you there.

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